Molina Healthcare Announces Agreement with Infosys to Improve IT Infrastructure While Delivering Long-Term Cost Savings

Scandal-plagued Molina Healthcare is at it again. This time partnering with company-destroying InfoSys to “cut costs” (by cutting American workers of course. It looks like their previous attempts to outsource to India Inc’s Cognizant failed. In fact, that attempt got them sued.

As we all know InfoSys is the kiss of death for anyone engaging them. So Molina may not be around forever.

Ethnic Cleansing at Molina Results in Lawsuit

“Eighteen IT workers in California have filed a lawsuit against their former employer claiming they were replaced by H-1B workers from India and then laid off in violation of the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

In the lawsuit, the 18 workers say that IT managers at Molina Healthcare Inc. increasingly catered to the Indian workers while leaving U.S. workers, mostly security analysts and programmers who earned at least $75,000 a year, feeling excluded prior getting laid off last year”.

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