Senator Pairs Up with Indian Outsourcing Lobby for Trump’s SOTU

The Indian Mafia continues to get to our electeds and influence/control and possibly bribe them into getting what the Indian Mafia wants – American jobs.

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) is pairing up with the Indian outsourcing lobby for President Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) address to push legislation that allows India and China to monopolize the country’s legal immigration system.

For Trump’s SOTU, Cramer is bringing Debjyoti Dwivedy, the senior vice president of Immigration Voice, an organization dedicated to eliminating the U.S. country-caps in the legal immigration system that would fast-track outsourcing of white-collar American jobs to mostly Indian and Chinese nationals imported to the country by business.

Dwivedy is a former visa worker who was originally imported to the U.S. by Tech Mahindra, an outsourcing firm that has attempted to outsource nearly 24,000 middle-class American jobs over the last three years.

The plan is a boon to Silicon Valley billionaires, big business elites, and outsourcing firms, as they would be able to readily import more lower-paid Indian and Chinese foreign workers to take American jobs that would have otherwise gone to American citizens“.

And then this comment:

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“but why are we allowing China and India – neither Allies of the United States – to have complete unrestricted access to our most sensitive data?

Maybe someone should investigate Cramer and see how many Members of the Chinese Central Committee and the India Central Authority have donated to his campaign or foundation?”

Yep. We need investigations into all our pols with ties to the Indian Mafia and Chinese industrial spies.

Just like former Congressman Kevin Yoder needs to be investigated as the citizens of KS woke up and voted him out of office when it was discovered he had ties to Immigration Voice and the Indian Mafia.

The simple fact is: behind the scenes, most of our politicians are taking $ from the Indian Mafia.

Members of the illegal unregistered foreign agent, Immigration Voice

Illegal unregistered foreign agents now control most of the US gov’t

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