rhcusa.com is behind it, as usual.

The word “subversion” comes to mind. Subversion is a Federal crime.

What talent? $22 trillion in debt. Destroyed companies. Oh but “America is not allowed to use the talent properly“.

Ah, we get it now. The mass India Inc failures are America’s fault.

Too bad there is no green card backlog, only Y2K visa overstayers.

It’s not their country. It’s ours. There, we said it.

“I want to tell my people my story….”.

My people“? I thought America valued diversity? This group of 100% Indians are Nazis.

Just shows they’re the real racists, not us. No wonder Americans can’t find jobs with armies of these near-Nazi racists running loose all over USA.

Shalabh Kumar of rhcusa.com should be arrested for inciting violence.

Clinton Asks Congress to Raise the Limit on Visas for Skilled Workers – 2000

Clinton Asks Congress to Raise the Limit on Visas for Skilled Workers

“Robert Cohen, senior vice president of the Information Technology Association of America, an industry group, welcomed the president’s proposal.

The best way to increase the supply of skilled workers is to improve the education and training of United States citizens and other people already in the country, Mr. Sperling said.

”However,” he said, ”at times, U.S. businesses need additional access to the international labor market to maintain and enhance our global competitiveness, particularly in high-growth new technology industries and particularly in tight labor markets.”

Except that under Title 8 of US law, hiring ANY foreign worker is illegal if doing so harms American workers.

And Clinton’s increases did.

None of these dolts apparently understood that Silicon Valley and the IT industry were created by American hippes and college dropouts, not PhD’s.

The article continued:

“Representative Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who heads the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, was skeptical, saying, ”There is still no objective, credible study that documents a shortage of American high-tech workers.

Michael W. Gildea, a policy analyst in the professional employee division of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., said: ”We would have preferred no increase in the number of visas. We see no credible evidence of widespread shortages of information technology workers.

In 1998 and 2001 every college student in the US was lined up to study computer science. But not today, thanks to the IT worker glut caused by the ensuing Indian Mafia takeover. This mass invasion has made the US far less competitive, not moreso. No one wants to work in that ruined industry anymore.

But then comes the real kicker:

“Mr. Sperling said technology companies appeared to have difficulty finding workers with the necessary skills. But he added, ”The lack of clear data suggests that it’s best to offer a temporary solution, and to make that solution contingent on an increase in spending for the education and training of American workers.”

There’s that pesky word again: “temporary“. Temporary as in: come in for Y2K, stay 20 years, then march on the capital and demand 600,000 green cards.

Temporary like that.

Except that they never left. There was no “temporary” solution and armies of them are now in our capital demanding we let them stay. It was all a cheap labor con from day one.

“Mr. Clinton proposed a sharp increase in the fees charged to employers who use the foreign worker program. He said the fee for an H-1B visa, now $500, should be raised to $2,000 for most employers, with a visa fee of $3,000 for companies that depend heavily on skilled foreign workers.

The president said he would use the fees to help pay for the training of American workers, especially those who are underrepresented in the information technology industry, like women, blacks and Hispanics”.

Of course the training never happened. The gov’t kept all the $ and American workers were sent to sleep on the streets.

Ah yes – as long as they keep those pesky white American males, who created Silicon Valley out of the workforce. Just ask Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich: