Zoe Lofgren shills new bill in Congress to axe Green Card limits


The Indian Mafia always gets its way. They thought Kevin Yoder was their boy for getting HR392 passed in 2018 but voters got rid of Yoder because of his ties to Immigration Voice.

Now they’ve shilled up with CA Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a longtime advocate of more mass immigration to her home district, Silicon Valley.

You can bet something fishy is going on as the Green Card cap removal bill keeps popping up.

India wants all green card limits removed – something put in place in Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act to prevent one country from monopolizing immigration programs to America.

India Incs, and Immigration Voice already claim there are 600,000 H-1B Indian workers in a “backlog” waiting for green cards. In reality every one of these workers were temporary H-1B workers who began entering in 1998-2001 supposedly for Y2K.

It is illegal under Title 8 to replace American workers with foreign workers in any case if American workers are harmed by doing so

But most temporary workers Y2K visa overstayers never left, and they are certainly not temporary. Green cards would give them the legal right to work in the US indefinitely.

There is no backlog, never was. These workers were never supposed to be permanent.

Trump should end the backlog and deport them all now as originally agreed in 1998-2001.

Ancient history? Maybe. But the US cannot survive the removal of the greencard caps which would flood the US with millions more foreign workers from India. Removal of the cap would also destroy the chances of skilled workers from other countries to enter the US to work forever. India would essentially own the skilled immigrant visa and green card programs forever.

We cannot let this happen. Call Lofgren’s, Mike Lee’s, and Kamala Harris’ offices now and deamand this bill be stopped.

Feinstein, Lofgren Introduce Bicameral Bill to Shield Farmworkers from Deportation


We need to end all foreign lobbying now.

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