Indian-Americans split over President’s plan for nation

Just whose country is this? Trump, like most other presidents before him puts immigrants before US citizens. Nothing has changed. Trump sold out his base. We thought they were temporary workers. We’re confused…….

“The part that caught everyone’s attention was to do with immigrants – whether it was the border wall, or more specifically, the President’s statement, “I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally,” which ordinarily should have gladdened the hearts of many Indians, an overwhelming majority of whom have come to this country legally”.

Indian-Americans? That’s racist.

Problem is, even many “legal” H-1B workers from India mean us harm.

Actually legal or illegal is not the biggest problem, it is what is the true intent of not-so temporary temporary workers immigrants. If past racist criminal behavior is any indication, their intent is worse than many illegals.

Will the gov’t ever figure out just what the problem is: anti-white historical animosity towards Americans and looting of course industries?

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