Better system needed for legal immigrants, too

Or so they claim. Guess robbing a couple million jobs from Americans isn’t enough. They want every job in the US.

“The president called it a “moral duty” for the United States to have an immigration system that protects its citizens, and said we also have an obligation to “the millions of immigrants living here today who follow the rules and respected our laws.”

Most immigrants from the 3rd world do not respect our laws. They want our country and are here to take it from us.

It’s that simple.

Too bad Trump has never heard of Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens which makes it illegal for any immigrant to be admitted to the US for work under any circumstances even if they are highly skilled – if doing so harms an American workers. With tens of millions of Americans still out of work, every single immigrant is an Inadmissible Alien.

Trump needs to read the law or else get a lawyer to read it to him if he is unable to understand it.

8 U.S. Code § 1182. Inadmissible aliens

“(5) Labor certification and qualifications for certain immigrants (A)

Labor certification (i)

In general

Any alien who seeks to enter the United States for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor is inadmissible, unless the Secretary of Labor has determined and certified to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General that—

(I) there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified (or equally qualified in the case of an alien described in clause (ii)) and available at the time of application for a visa and admission to the United States and at the place where the alien is to perform such skilled or unskilled labor, and

(II) the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed”.

Surprise! American workers actually have very strong protections under US law but they are not being enforced. We need enforcement.

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