Crazed lib school official wants the looting of America to continue

“The recent kerfuffle involving Chinese graduate students speaking in their native language during a break at Duke University underscores our growing hostility toward internationals. The head of a master’s program urged the students to speak and practice English 100 percent. Even if it’s just private conversations in Chinese, she worried that they’d be overheard and discriminated against for not speaking English. As the controversy exploded, she stepped down as program head while Duke reassured its international students that they were valued.

International students make up 14 percent of Duke’s class of 2021 and are a substantial revenue source for the university, like many of our higher education institutions. It’s not surprising that Duke respects those students’ contributions to its ongoing existence. The university chose not to buy into the current fear and loathing of anything foreign that generates suspicion, dislike, and even violence. There is little to be gained in allowing the negative trends to overcome common sense and the common good“.

“Common good” as always is codeword for communism.

Most of these students are spies, or industrial thieves to steal our industry and technology and move them back to their own country in order to put us out of business.

They speak in their own native language so Americans cannot detect them and report them. Maybe our own kids only speak one language because they’re being kept out of our schools by huge foreign enrollments. Educating the enemy and collecting all those huge fees and tuition are more important to US college admins than keeping our country safe and competitive.

As usual US school admins are all touchy-feely, while the ruthless Chinese and Indians continue to loot our country blind and laugh at the “dumb Americans”.

As the Chinese generals said in the 1990s “We can’t believe what we are getting away with…”.

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