Dearth of jobs

Perceived anti-China bias and dearth of jobs have Chinese science students in US mulling their options

Dearth of jobs? We thought China and India were going to be super-productive spectacular for the US economy?

Since most of them came here to get trained then move our jobs back to their own countries, of course there is a “dearth of jobs”.

We’ve been looted.

If they are all so brilliant as claimed there should be a huge surplus of jobs from all the excess super-excellent great technology all these super-geniuses from China and India are creating for us.

But no, instead there is a “dearth of jobs”.

Looks like immigrants didn’t perform as promised and should all be deported for freeloading now.

“If most of the Chinese talent is expelled, the US is doomed, without a doubt,” said a master’s student in information systems at the University of Florida, who asked not to be identified.

“Most [tech] companies like Microsoft are complaining big about this.”

Nonsense. We got along just fine without them, we built the modern wolrld and everything in it, that is why they want to come here. We don’t need these people – they need our jobs and industries.

Most US tech companies are run by Asian looters who stole them from the Americans who built them.

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