is an Indian Mafia organized crime syndicate that excludes Americans

This Indian Mafia company is violating Federal law with impunity. Hiring on the basis of national origin is illegal under US law.

Americans are being deliberately excluded from the workforce by the India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates who specifically only hire international students here on racist programs such as OPT or CPT.

This is how the Indian Mafia invasion and takeover racket works. Bring the “International Students” in on student visas, then get them training in OPT or CPT, then get them into US jobs via India Inc bodyshops.

No American workers are ever considered for these poistions. Totally illegal. Harsha Vardhan and the rest of these 1000s of India Inc boyshops operating all across the USA should be arrested and closed down under RICO laws immediately.

Plenty of jobs in USA, just not for American workers.

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