Trump’s war on immigration is sacrificing his best weapon against China

We need to do what Japan does – limit all foreign use or control of PR and media to max 5%. Foreign countries pump the PR lies into US media by hiring US PR agencies to put out fake news. The exact opposite of what this news story claims is what is really happening.

Any foreign power can walk into the US, hire a PR firm, and pump any “story” they want into US media.

The real question is: if the talent in these other countries is so great why would those countries not do everything possible to keep them?

Answer: they’re not that talented. They are industrial spies here to rob us.

Wonder if it was CCP or NASSCOM which bought this PR in our news?

  • “Skilled workers are essential to maintaining economic vitality in the 21st century.
  • But the Trump administration’s policies and rhetoric have a chilling effect on those workers’ interest in the US.
  • Other countries will benefit from the US’s lack of top-tier talent”.

No, they are industrial spies here to steal from us. Americans created Silicon Valley and most modern industry and tech. Other countries, not America will suffer when they can no longer get their industrial spies into US companies.

Posted on March 31, 2015

Chinese Student Spies Overwhelm US

“Intelligence agencies around the world typically regard China’s approach to spying as sloppy and unprofessional. While many other countries focus on stealth and finesse for espionage, China’s focus is on mass numbers. While regarded as unprofessional, China’s approach has also been extremely effective. The challenge posed by China comes down to a simple fact: It has too many spies for foreign intelligence agencies to keep track of.”.

Asia’s rampant cheating problem

Ex-Apple Employee Stole Secrets for Chinese Firm, U.S. Says

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