US Tech Workers + CT Tech Worker Coalition Hold Green Card Giveaway Protest in DC

Kevin Lynn of the excellent US Tech Workers website and CT Tech Worker Coalition held a big rally in DC today to protest the illegal unreigstered foreign agent Republican Hindu Coalition (’s rally pushing for new bills introduced into Congress that would remove the per country cap on green cards for skilled foreign workers and would instead give most green cards to one nation – India.

Such changes to our immigration laws are being pushed by a foreign power – India and their illegal unregistered foreign agent, thre Republican Hindu Coalition, headed by Shalabh Kumar.

Removal of the green card limits for India would further flood an already oversupplied labor force in the US and displace even more Americans out of tech jobs.

These new bills sponsored by UT’s Mike Lee, CA’s Kamala Harris, and Zoe Lofgren must be stopped at all costs.

They always throw the “children” sob story up to try to shame Americans into not opposing them. Meanwhile in the workplace, these viscious criminals target Americans for removal with everything they have. Don’t buy their sob stories. These people are here to conquer us.

Shalabh Kumar, head of the Republican Hindu Coalition is looking a bit on the ropes we’d say. You would too if you knew you were an illegal unregistered foreign agent and pumping false propaganda about shortages of American tech workers into US media, along with other lies.

Just whose gov’t is this?

They most certainly are displacing American jobs. They’re illegally replacing American workers in the US as well as getting trained here then moving American jobs back to India. Don’t fall for their lies.

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