India ‘closely watching’ for changes in H-1B visa process

Just whose gov’t is this?

H-1Bs are supposed to be guest workers of American companies but instead India now dictates H-1B US policy.

“To protest if Indian professionals lose out to applicants with US degrees

India is keeping a watch to see if the US comes up with a list of qualifications to determine the level of skills it prefers in workers who apply for temporary work visas (H-1B) and may raise an objection if it is tied to getting an advanced degree in the country, a government official has said”.

US owes India nothing. H-1Bs are our guests. We can at any time simply decide to send them all home.

If India is such a nation of brilliant IT workers, it should have no trouble building its own Apple or Microsoft for itself instead of living off the US like the parasite it is.

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