True Reform to Stop Cheap, Foreign Labor Dumping is Needed Now

Outstanding article from US Techworkers

“Certainly the idea of foreign labor dumping should not be a “foreign” concept to the President, since he’s addressed foreign steel and aluminum dumping. However, American tech workers have yet to see any meaningful reforms on behalf of American citizens by the Trump Administration on the effects of cheap, foreign labor dumping on our job market”.

“The President needs to listen to American STEM and tech workers, the citizens who actually have done the in-the-trenches work to build the current technology base of our country”.

It sure wasn’t built by Indians or other cheap labor guest workers.

It should also be noted all dumping is illegal for WTO members under WTO rules. Under WTO rules “dumping” is defined as selling a good or service in another country below that country’s market rate for that good or service. Yet the dumping of millions of foreign workers into the US economy has cut technical salaries in half in the past 20 years.

A clear case of dumping.

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