Indian Mafia takes over General Motors – again

One would think that after Wipro ruined + bankrupted GM in 2006 and it had to be bailed out by taxpayers that GM would have learned its lesson. Now an Indian Mafia agent has been appointed GM COO. Guess what her very first recommendation will be?

For you youngins’ who weren’t around 10 years ago, there was a huge Wall St. crash in 2008 caused mainly by big US companies offshoring work to India Inc staffing companies, all of which were incompetent and destroyed lots of US companies including GM. US taxpayers had to bail the companies out to save them.

2 years before the crash, GM had signed a $300 mil outsourcing deal with India’s Wipro staffing company. GM collapsed 2 years later.

Things got so bad GM decided to bring most work back in house.

Now it’s happening again. All GM operations will be under an agent of the Indian Mafia’s control.

Get ready for GM to be siphoned again!

GM named Dhivya Suryadevara as its new CFO, to replace current CFO Chuck Stevens as he’s getting ready to retire. Suryadevara, 39, will take over Sept. 1 before Stevens retires March 1 of next year”.

There go most of GM’s good paying jobs.

Foreign powers should not be allowed to control US corporations because they have an offshoring and globalist agenda.

The Indian Mafia simply does not want Americans to have good paying jobs. They want all those jobs to go to Indians. And that is why they are installing their agents in most large US companies.

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