TCS project a ‘masterclass in incompetence’: U.K. panel

This is what is really wrong with the economies of the west, although no one wants to admit it – the destruction, incompetence, and failure of the India Inc bodyshops are destroying large and important sections of western economies.

Most everything they touch dies.

India makes off with billions and we get broken junk.

What’s a few hundred million here and there to “help get the 3rd world out of poverty” via globalization, eh?

To these people performance is irrelevant, grabbing the cash is everything.

But don’t worry, they’re really “contributing to the economy“.

“A British Parliamentary Committee has slammed a loss-making Tata Consultancy Services contract with Britain’s Home Office as a “masterclass in incompetence,” after going £229 million over budget and facing delays of more than four years”.

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