Now that India has looted most of our companies, they are turning on us

They don’t need our companies, just our jobs and trade secrets so they can use them to build their own companies off our backs. As I have been telling people for years, H-1B is an industrial spy and training program for our enemies. By letting thief nations in, and thnking they are here to help us. we are allowing our entire economy and its industries to be robbed by thieves from Asia.

As Peter Brimelow said in his 1995 book Alien Nation: “These people are mostly here to take from us”.

Glassnost, Perestroika, and Globalization were largely eastern scams to loot us. And we took the bait. No one in the east believes the globalization/equaity hype. These people are pretending to be friends so they can steal from us.

Western businessmen are delusional. These people hate us because of history (British Colonization, Bretton Woods), and will do everything they can to put us under.…/us-tata-epic-verdict……/dp/0060390859/ref=sr_1_1…

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