IBM near death – thanks to India Inc.

Well, well, well.

15 years ago, all we heard was how India Inc. was going to save IBM.

71% Indian-run IBM is now dying.

Inside IBM, it’s mostly Indians.

The best and brightest “smartest people in the world” have failed to keep IBM going.

Connect the dots:

IBM plans to invest $6 billion in India

$6 billion of American IBM money was flushed down the India Inc toilet on this one.

India Becoming a Crucial Cog in the Machine at I.B.M.

IBM shifts center of gravity half a world away, to India

IBM Now Has More Employees in India Than in the U.S.

But now…

The Sad Decline Of International Business Machines

IBM: still failing after all these years

Sell IBM shares because its profits are in an ‘irreversible structural decline‘ analyst says

Structural decline?

Thanks India, you failed to deliver – again.

How many American homeless or verterans could have been helped and housed with that $6 billion?

America is wasting huge amounts of $ on international wealth redistribution schemes as we ignore the plight of our own, and destroy our best companies in the process.

What a fool nation we are too allow this to happen.

Problem is, now Apple is in danger too thanks to the IBM Failure Infection:

“IBM is no longer a tech company. They have no vision. What they’ve evolved into is a company that does [arbitrage] on acquisitions. It’s stock buybacks. Who is IBM anymore?” Mark Cuban

Oh really Mark? Well then why did you continue to advocate flooding the US with even more of the fake H-1B workers who caused IBM’s downfall?

Seems you are part of the problem too, Mark.

Buy Bob Cringeley’s book to read the sad details. America is being looted.

Oh – and IBM is facing lawsuits all over the place – not just for failed, botched projects, but even fraud:

Pennsylvania sues IBM for fraud over $170m IT upgrade shambles

IBM faces class-action lawsuit from North Carolina, California and Georgia employees

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