H-1B Outsourcing Firm Paid Bill Clinton $260K for Speech During Hillary’s Tenure at State Dept – Breitbart


No doubt paid by Indian Mafia failureshop HCL to hype up Indian outsourcing.

Most Americans don’t know HCL was behind most of the failures on the Boeing 787 project. In fact, HCL’s outsourcing work was so bad, the FAA had to ban the company from the project entirely.

FAA refused to approve HCL’s 787 work because it was not flightworthy.

Our politicians are being bought and bribed by India Inc.

“One of the top H-1B outsourcing firms paid Bill Clinton $260,000 in 2011 for a speech while his wife was Secretary of State. According to the Associated Press, in November of 2011, Clinton “made $260,000 addressing the annual meeting of HCL, an Indian outsourcing giant, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.” HCL has been one of the top outsourcing firms that have used H-1B visas as, in the words of Howard University Public Policy Professor Ron Hira, “outsourcing visas” to displace American workers”.

Can Boeing Contain the Dreamliner’s Technical Glitches?


“This source told me that the software that controls the ES was developed by HCL Technologies — a $2 billion (2008 revenues) Indian software company that worked with Boeing and its partners on the 787 and won Boeing’s Gold Performance Excellence Award in February 2009. He spoke with colleagues at United Technologies (UTX) division — Hamilton Sundstrand (HS) — which was the ES’s primary contractor.

His ES colleagues told him that the Designated Engineering Representative (DER) — a SWAT team of top engineers that tests aircraft software against rigorous standards — and the FAA refused to certify the work HCL did and told HS to start over — without HCL. Several of my source’s colleagues joined HS at the end of 2008 in an effort to rewrite the software.

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