Secret Way Silicon Valley Uses the H-1B Program

Not Silicon Valley, illegal India Inc takeover companies.

Get the headline right.

Indian companies are applying for a lot of visas for workers to fill jobs at the headquarters of American tech companies“.

Can you say “Takeover by foreign powers“?

This is the real reason Americans can’t find jobs.

Foreign companies should be BANNED from using US work visas. US work visas were intended for US company use, not use by foreign powers.

It would appear India now controls our visa programs.

This has to be stopped.

100% Indians. Totally illegal under US law. Where is EEOC?

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime. Not enforcing “all laws” as claimed, DHS head Kirstjen Nielsen.

Too bad most of them are incompetent and wrecking our economy.

Just whose gov’t is this?

No you’re not, you’re a Y2K visa overstayer remitting as many dollars back to India as you can and stealing our trade secrets at the same time. Don’t buy this clown’s propaganda.

The must be stopped because they are now controlling our visa policy. is an illegal unregistered foreign agent oprerating illegally in the US.

Where is the DOJ and DHS Mr. Trump? Why aren’t you enforcing FARA? Hmm?

We must end all foreign lobbying of the US gov’t now:

NASSCOM, USIN-PAC,, Immigration Voice

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