Another anonymous tip on India Inc outsourcing

“You are absolutely right see the American Readers comments about H1 B abuse to top it these scamsters want Green card removal cap which is now @7% so that if cap is rmoved these scam fellows can get GC easily wow the damage done by this H`1B scam will be paid by local US workersH1B replaces locals in the first place, local gov’t need to pay unemployment for the displaced workers.  H1B creates a scam ecosystem where they only hire their own. Local students cannot find jobs b/c of biasThe damage done by H1B will take a couple of generations to fix, assuming gov’t is willing to fix it.

H1B visas is a total scamto import cheap Indian key board punchers
Indian companies break rules – and laugh at Americans.
Cognizant was convicted of bribing in IndiaInfosys – was slammed by indian government for shoddy software to manage a tax scheme.
The list goes on of shoddy work they do in India.
Yet, they tell Americans that without their key board punchers – the very survival of America is at stake.

I had hired an IT company in Mumbai to develop my app (checkout NeilsTravels  on Android and TravelsNotes in iTunes)
It has been on the market for 3 years – and it’s Free.
Taking it to next version – I hired a consultant in Nashville – to tell me what can be done.  The first thing he said was it looks like it was designed in India.
Asked why?  He said they used ancient software to build that Americans had discarded a decade ago.
I now have a California company doing this version. 
What do they say – you get what you pay for.

Indian IT prowess is a total fake news. What is really sad is that tech lobbies talk about removing country cap to let more immigrants from India (mainly) while not ONE H-1B reform bill make sit past any committee!! There is NO interest in supporting American workers but simply flooding the market to keep costs down

H-1B system was made to bring the best and brightest and fill areas where Americans could not. Well, we see Indian H-1Bs flooding the system often of low or average quality that it has become rife with abuse. Rich tech lobbies keep coming up with fake statistics on how H1B somehow create jobs – this is adding salt to injury.. The H-1B system needs to reformed dramatically, yet our politicians strongly influenced by rich greedy tech talk about laws to remove country cap which will further hit American workers. Rich greedy tech needs to be held accountable.

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