H-4 India-only groups are illegal under the Constitution + US RICO laws

H-4 India only groups are illegal under US law since Equal Protection under the law is guaranteed by the US Constitution. Why haven’t these groups been shut down under RICO? They are illegal.

“Protected classes” are also illegal under the US Constitution.

But the “We are going to enforce all lawsDHS is nowhere to be seen.

For how long will these illegal, racist + biggoted India-only groups be allowed to operate with impunity in the US in violation of our Constitution and RICO laws?

Close them down, now, Mr. Trump.

SAAPRI flyer/email relating to its online survey launch on H-4 visa holders.

But only if you’re a “S Asian H-4 EAD” holder. All others are excluded. Racist + biggoted.

Identity as South Asian“? Can they get much closer to being Nazis?

You’re either fully American or you’re not. If you’re not, then you have zero legitimacy in influencing American politicis.

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