IT Services Companies + Clients Bear Brunt Of H-1B Crackdown

No, American tech workers have been bearing the brunt for 20 years.

India Incs have been making out like bandits for 2 decades.

Finally some justice for American workers.

Stuart Anderson is an international globalist shill and former immigration lawyer.

“New U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) data reveal the Trump administration’s crackdown on high-skilled immigration has hit the information technology (IT) services sector the hardest. Such services have been important in making U.S. companies more competitive and increasing U.S. economic growth, which means, according to analysts, administration policies are harming American companies and the U.S. economy”.


In 1998 before the India Inc takeover, the US was booming, had a big tax surplus, zero unemployment, and no problems.

Since the India Inc invasion started in 2001, the US has now been driven $22 trillion into debt, and has a real unemployment rate of 21% – near Great Depression levels.

Stuart Anderson is a shill for foreign powers and globalist open borders interests.

Don’t believe his lies.

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