Former congressional candidate says H-1B visas are a scam + foreign manipulation of US

Jeffrey Beeler recently ran for Congress, (Washington 1st District).

A Washington article published the following comment from Jeffrey October 2018 ~ Beeler commented, “H-1B visas are just another way for foreign workers to attempt to subvert our immigration laws. They use the visa program to get their foot in to the U.S. and then ultimately start the process of applying for green card status, all under the guise that there is an urgent need for foreign high-tech workers. American workers have become underemployed or unemployed by these abusive companies because of the cheap labor companies like Peoples Tech Group are providing.” H-1B visas are visas that allow US employers to employ foreign workers in “specialty occupations” which are defined as those that require highly specialized knowledge such as computing, engineering, biotechnology, and many others”.

Bingo. The lawless criminal looter nation of India has been robbing + manipulating the US for decades. India is a lawless nation. Indians do what they want + think they own the world – even other countries.

Abusive “global staffing companies” are indeed the problem. Temporary, H-1B workers who are supposed to be here for a limited duration never leave, open their own staffing companies, lie saying they can’t find enough qualified Americans (Americans built Silicon Valley), and then bring more in.

All of it illegal under US law.

India is using our H-1B visa program as a mass invasion force.

It’s that simple.

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