IT firms need to recalibrate hiring pattern in light on the ongoing H-1B visa crisis

What ‘crisis’? They are our guests. We can throw guests out of the country any time we like.

H-1B is not a mass immigration visa. It’s a temporary guest worker visa and H-1Bs can be revoked, cancelled, or limited at any time by the US gov’t.

India and its companies have no say in the matter.

There is no guarantee of work visas for foreign workers in the US.

In fact, US law (Title 8) says just the opposite.

As usual, the India Inc lotting bodyshops are already scheming ways around the restrictions.

Party’s over, thieves.

“IT firms are under heat as it became more than obvious from the latest data released by the USCIS that revealed that the applications filed by Indian firms such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and Wipro for its employees had relatively low approval rate compared to their overseas peers”.

Former Infosys recruiter says he was told not to hire U.S. workers

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