The Grand “International Student” Looting Racket

It’s not the education 3rd world students want, it’s the jobs in the developed world. The “smartest people in the world” seem to be unable to create enough jobs in their own countries so they target jobs created by others.

Japan has become a massive target because of its wealth and success. Just as the west has been drained by mass armies of international students, now Japan is next.

Once in, they make a beeline right for the nearest high paying tech job, open their own “global staffing agency“, and never leave.

“International student” is the new takeover meme.

The west however, has caught on and has had enough.

All of this is a subtle form of International Socialism – redistributing jobs to unproductive people in other countries via “international studies”.

Making Japan a Top Destination for International Students

Even Lehman failure shop Wipro is getting in on the act:

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