Andhra Pradesh student ‘killed’ 50 US computers in NY, held

Hyderabad: A student from Andhra Pradesh has been arrested by the Albany Police Department of New York under the charges of intentionally causing damage to over 50 protected computers owned by a college in the New York state of Albany on Wednesday.

According to sources, Vishwanath Akuthota, 26, is a citizen of India and  a native of Chittoor who was residing in the United States on a student visa since 2015.

Vishwanath was arrested on February 22 in North Carolina after being charged with intentionally causing damage to protected computers owned by The College of Saint Rose in Albany, US Attorney Grant Jaquith said in a statement.

He added that Vishwanath destroyed dozens of computers worth more than $50,000 (approximately Rs 35.5 Lakh)”.

Oh yes, best and brightest contributing to the US economy for sure.

Reminds us of the 2008 sabotage of Fannie Mae servers which helped cause the 2008 financial collapse.

India is our enemy, not our ally. Many of these people hate us.

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