Indian IT Consulting Firms Trying to Force Litigation of H-1B Denials

There’s nothing quite like global staffing companies and unregistered foreign agents operating in your country who were supposed to be temporary guest workers suing your gov’t to demand they can stay.

Just whose gov’t is this anyway? America’s or India’s?

H-1Bs are our guests and we reserve the right to kick unwanted guests out at any time.

We need to stop the Indian Mafia from manipulating our gov’t.

USA is not your cookie jar, India.

“A group of information technology consulting companies is trying to force a federal court ruling on a government policy they say is preventing them from accessing workers on H-1B visas.

Businesses increasingly have been willing to sue U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services over visa denials, particularly when it comes to the H-1B skilled guestworker program. In many of those instances, the agency has reversed course and approved the visa, thus making the case moot.

That’s good news for the businesses, but it also means there aren’t any court rulings on the legality of the USCIS decisions or policies.

That’s what the ITServe Alliance is trying to change, attorney Jonathan Wasden told Bloomberg Law”.

Too bad the “group” referred to is the racist + bigotted 100% Indian ITServe Alliancea racist India-only organization which seeks to promote Indian-only IT interests in the US.

These racist, anti-American RICO shops need to be shut down now.

While they are at it, ITServe Alliance better go read Section 1182 of Title 8 which makes ALL foreign workers inadmissible if admitting them harms US workers.

What a bunch of racists.

100% Indians

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