IT firms ramp up hiring in US, says Vivek Tandon

Nothing quite like Y2K temporary guest workers moving in to your country, taking over and starting “Immigraton advisory firms” now is there.

“The Asian Age”.

Talk about racism and takeover.

Not so temporary now are they?

“Facing obstacles ranging from a patently unsympathetic government to discrimination lawsuits from US candidates, Indian IT companies have ramped up hiring efforts in the US, says Vivek Tandon, Founder and CEO of EB5 BRICS, a California-based immigration advisory firm that works closely with a large number of Indian applicants of US visas, in an exclusive interview with Mini Tejaswi”.

Unsympathetic? Would you be sympathetic to looters robbing you blind?

India has a had a rigged India-only system for over 20 years in the US and has been keeping Americans out of the workforce. It’s American workers who need a level playing field, not racist Indian Mafia companies.

Party’s over India.

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