Sellout CT Gov. Lamont: Infosys is ‘doubling commitment’ to Hartford

CT Gov. Ned Lamont continues to sellout 1000s of CT professional jobs to Indian Mafia job robber organized crime syndicate InfoSys.

You know the US has reached a new low when a US governor is working closely with an unregisteretd foreign agent found guilty of human trafficking.

“While a gubernatorial candidate, Lamont played a role in attracting Infosys — an India-based information technology company — to select Hartford to host one of its new training centers in 2018.

Infosys, which opened the Hartford center in December, predicted the firm would hire about 1,000 employees over the next four years. It has developed a relationship with Trinity College and others to create a hiring pipeline”.

What employees? More H-1Bs to displace American workers?

We need to shut these foreign RICO shops down now.

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