Brown Book Project – Not Just Racist – Indian Nazi Takeover of Our Gov’t

It’s amazing that something can even exist like this in America.

With millions of non-American temporary guest workers screaming for green cards, an organization called Indian American Impact Project actually has a proj called “The Brown Book Project” – a doiser, if you will, of only “South Asians” who are attempting to influence + infiltrate our gov’t.

This is complete neo-Nazi takeover of the US by “brown people”. The instant anyone opposes it, these same Nazis will scream “RACISM!”.

We are losing our country, folks. Get up and do something about it.

“Anticipating a surge of post-election hiring by Congressional offices, the Indian American Impact Project is preparing a “BROWN BOOK” containing resumes of talented South Asian American candidates for full-time staff positions on Capitol Hill.

All interested candidates will have their resumes included. In addition, the following individuals with extensive Hill experience will help review, sort, and index resumes by job and expertise, and offer candidates feedback on the process:

*** We have closed submissions for the first round of resumes that will be transmitted to the Hill. Interested applicants are welcome to submit resumes for future searches. ***

Questions? Please contact Gautam Raghavan at
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form”.

Everyone email this racist Indian Nazi piece of garbage and then send the page to the DHS hotline:

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