GOP Senators Push Green Card Reward for Indian Visa Workers: US Techworkers

“GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer is leading a drive to reward 300,000 Indian visa workers for taking college graduate jobs from at least 200,000 young middle aged or older American graduates.

Via Twitter, the North Dakota Senator is pushing the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” which was also championed by former GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder until he lost his 2018 election.

The legislation “is about exactly that: fairness,” Cramer tweeted. “The long wait for these green cards is a disservice to legal immigrants and to the potential of the American economy. Let’s get this passed.”

But Cramer’s bill does not offer fairness or safeguards to the many Americans who are losing careers or starter jobs to the imported army of roughly 500,000 Indian workers and recruiters, said Dawn Collins, a former vice-president at J.P. Morgan Chase bank”.

Wonder how much $ Cramer is taking from Indian Lobbyists: NASSCOM,, USIN-PAC, Immigration Voice?

We need to outlaw all foreign lobbying now.

Someone needs to inform Sen. Cramer that there is no green card backlog (the foreign workers entered as Y2K temporary workers, then illegally replaced American workers in IT and never left as originally agreed in 2001). Millions of these foreign workers now illegally occupy jobs previously held by skilled Americans.

All of that is illegal under Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens.

The greencard backlog should be cancelled and all these illegal Y2K visa overstayers should be sent back to their own countries. That was the original agreement when they began entering in 2001 and later. H-1B is not a mass immigration visa.

USA is not your cookie jar, India.

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