8 Outsourcing Lessons From Indiana’s Largest Failed Outsourcing Deal

What Can Be Learned From Indiana’s $1.4 Billion Failed Outsourcing Contract

“As part of the preparation for the Indiana-IBM contract, similar programs in Texas and Florida were examined. These programs failed (or were failing), in very much the same way that Indiana’s eventually would. The problems in Texas were so severe that “the rollout of the project was stopped.” IBM decided that these issues didn’t apply to them or that they would be able to manage the issues. IBM is unquestionably a great company, but what this contract needed was more than IBM could provide”.

Or just don’t hire a company that is run by 71% IQ 82 people from a country that cannot build enough toilets. India was suppoosed to be the savior of IBM 15 years ago. The opposite has happened.

IBM is no longer “A great company”. In fact, it’s dying.

PA + TX are also suing IBM for over $100 million for failed projects. In the PA case fraud charges are being levelled at IBM.

Thanks India!

At IBM these days its mostly Indians.


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