Accenture’s Spotty Record Imposes Heavy Cost on Taxpayers

You get what you pay for.

Better, cheaper, faster is a pipe dream and always will be. Quality takes time and money. Accept it.

Good, fast, cheap – pick any two, as we say in software.

Accenture has 3X more employees in India than in the US. Apparently they aren’t performing.

Cheap labor Indian slave labor shop Accenture fails – as usual.

Accenture is one of dozens of massive management consulting firms that provide local, state, and federal government agencies with critical subject matter expertise and critical scale needed to implement complex public programs. But this know-how comes at a cost, and when their high fees yield empty promises, it’s the taxpayers that are forced to absorb the costs.

Last year, the Office of Inspector General – an independent government watchdog housed within the Department of Homeland Security – released findings of a month’s long investigation into reported performance shortcomings stemming from a $297 million Customs and Border Protection (CPB) contract with Accenture. The jaw-dropping report made national headlines.

The consulting firm secured the contract, in part, by convincing CPB its proprietary technology could greatly reduce the time needed to identify, recruit, and vet applicants, but according to the audit, none of those promised technologies ever materialized because Accenture’s software was plagued with “functionality issues, including high error rates and multiple software bugs.

Worse, the IG found that for the better part of a year, Accenture had been systematically shifting its contractual obligations back to CPB. In effect, concluded the IG, Accenture was cashing the checks while saddling career government staff with the work“.

Or as they say in India, loot and remit.

Another India Inc fail.

Accenture Launches Innovation Hub in India

Apparently, not delivered. But the hype sounds good.

Free paychecks!

They sure are working hard.

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