Alarming rise of HR1044

Sent to us by a colleague.

Details the illegal replacement of US workers at Micron – the last major remaining US DRAM memory maker in the US.

Foreign industrial spies come in, get trained by American workers, replace them, then move all the tech back to their own countries.

That is the real purpose of H-1B visas and green cards for foreign workers. They don’t have the skills claimed – Americans do.

HR 1044 is racist + bigotted. It’s that simple.

“Alarming rise of HR 1044

I really appreciate one of the most noble causes Protect US workers organization is undertaking to protect jobs of American citizens from being replaced under veil of work visa programs. I am very thankful for your organization’s effort for ‘David vs goliath’ style take down of HR392 against difficult odds. My firsthand experience of American citizen workers plight was during 2007-2008 Micron Layoffs that happened at Boise, Idaho. Many American citizens that were full time employees at Micron and part of my Software division were laid off to bring in HCL contract workers from India on H1B. They were asked to train replacements for next couple of months in exchange for financial severance package. I was amazed by commitment and professionalism shown by noble people of Boise to train their replacements with care and dedication. Many of them had a difficult time finding jobs as they were in late 40s and 50s and could not support their families as opportunities were scarce in Boise, Idaho back then.

I observed the newer Bill HR1044 is built from failures of HR392. I want to bring to your kind attention in case if any one of below points would help with your just cause.

1) One of main causes of failure of HR392 was that it was never considered a standalone bill, but HR1044 is being considered as a standalone bill.

2) One of main causes of failure of HR392 was that it was voting starvation of long periods, but HR1044 will not suffer from same issue because of new rules and it has many co-sponsors, it will definitely see voting during this year

3) During its heyday HR392 had 20% chance of becoming a rule, bur HR1044 has 88% chance according to

4) Organizations like American Hospital Association, Canada and Iran historically have opposed HR392, but other than your org I did not see any real opposition to HR1044. In addition Iranian council have got an exemption for their country green card appliers in HR1044 bill till Sep 30, 2019. Immigration voice, lobby group for HR1044 seems to eradicate all oppositions for this bill

5) Immigration Voice has a lot of money because of 300K people waiting in the queue and will donate any amount of money. In the past they have proposed to contribute money for border wall in exchange for green cards. If everyone who is donated $100 300K * 100 = 30 Million dollars. As you are aware, that is a lot of money

6) One of arguments that Immigration Voice has said consistently that giving everyone in queue green cards will stem low skilled immigration flow. As you are already aware it will not. As each person who gets a green card has a potential to start a consulting company of hiring more low skill immigrations replacing more American workers and the culture nepotism it can bring in job environments.

7) The bill itself does not stop any more immigration from high supply countries that are benefiters of this bill, as there are no country caps on H-1B. The bill also does not have any merit based points.

8) One of myths of showing high skilled is a degree certificate from high tier university in USA. But it is relatively easier to get into those from high tier Indian education institutes like Indian Institute of Technology as it has close to 50% reservations as reparations to groups of people (irrespective of grades) who suffered historically because of caste system in India. The reservations have been in place from decades. While I am not pointing whether reservation is bad or a good cause, my intention is to judge people on basis of high skill vs low skill solely based on university that they graduate in USA or abroad may not be a good criteria.

I wish and hope that you will succeed in your endeavors of stopping this Bill. It will be a monumental achievement if this happens. No matter the outcome I appreciate your organization for a brave stand for a just case in spite of odds”.

You may also remember that the Trump admin fined a Chinese industrial thief company for stealing trade secrets from Micron”.

It is the H-1B industrial spy program that enables these foreign competitors to get their spies into US companies to steal our technology in the first place.

That is just one more reason US visas for foreign guest workers industrial spies must be ended completely now.

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