Calls US Gov’t “Clowns”, Advises Subversion

Subversion of US law is a Federal crime, but that is exactly what is engaging in.

Why haven’t these people been arrested yet by DHS?

Their website detals how to avoid new USCIS RFEs – Requests for Evidence when filling for H-1Bs.

The gov’t put RFEs in place to prevent faking fraud India Inc looting “global staffing agencies” from filling false H-1B applications.

But sees no problem in subverting the rule of law.

Their very domain name advocates illegal activity since under Title 8, Section 1182, Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5 it is illegal to admit ANY foreign national to the US to work if doing so harms the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed.

Hence “Economic Immigration” is itself illegal unless every single American worker is employed.

But in today’s America, there is no rule of law, only those with agendas – including illegal “Economic Immigration”.

“But the agency in general is acting as vengeful and erratic…”

Vengeful and erratic? What do the authors think InfoSys and other Indian Mafia IT shops have been doing to Americans for over 20 years?


Failure to explain or cite to legal authority is grounds to overturn a decision in court”.

We already cited the legal authority – Title 8. It’s illegal for “economic immigrants” to even set foot in America for work if doing so harms an American worker.

Next question, please.

The author, a middle-aged man in his 40s or older sounds like a 7th grader playing dodgeball at the consolusion of the article:

“The agency has devolved into a full-blown circus. Its time for the business immigration bar to scare the clowns back into their tiny car”.

Well the India Inc Mafia running amok illegally in the US has devolved into an even bigger circus, not to mention a serious organized crime threat including human trafficking.

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