GOP Senators Push Green Card Rewards for Indian Visa Workers Who Take College Jobs in U.S. – Breitbart

Talk about racist + bigotted.

HR 1044 would actually give most green cards to one race of people from one country – India.

Are you really going to allow this America?

This is Nazism, which is alive and well in India.

US politicians have been selling American jobs to H1-B visa workers from India working for corporations, which hire them instead of American professionals and college graduates, for lower wages. Bill H.R.1044 will remove per country caps, allowing visa workers from India to get more than 80% Green Cards, who will dominate our immigration system for more than a decade. This is the most radical change in our immigration system that is being passed quietly. Please call politicians who represent you and demand that they stop pushing for H.R.1044.

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