Michelle Malkin: ‘Establishment GOP Ruling Class’ Doesn’t Want Americans Questioning Legal Immigration – Breitbart

Of course they don’t. The business class, their agents, the Chamber of Commerce, cheap labor lobbyists such as Leon Fresco, and Stuart Anderson are all paying each other and the US gov’t to keep the illegal wage-fixing cheap labor circus going.

Too bad wage-fixing and suppressing wages is a Federal crime.

Why are Alan Greenspan, Chamber President Tom Donahue, and other criminals at the top of the wage-fixing pyramid still walking around free, when they should have been arrested for criminal wage fixing long ago?


“Columnist Michelle Malkin says the “establishment Republican ruling class” does not want American citizens questioning the country’s legal immigration system, wherein more than 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted every year.

A recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) revealed how so-called “highly skilled” foreign graduates taking coveted U.S. white collar jobs are far less educated than native born Americans.

Malkin, during a CIS panel discussion at the, said the billionaire donor class and establishment Republicans do not want Americans focused on the impact of legal immigration — where the country’s current policy has undercut Americans’ wages for decades and displaced U.S. workers from their jobs”.

Oklahomo Jay43 minutes ago

“There is no voting ourselves out of this situation. The Globalists use their money and their media to recruit and promote servants who are willing to do their bidding for a nice job in government.

The few with good intentions who get through are immediately pressured to get on board their first week in DC, using bribery and/or threats. Ask Cynthia McKinney about her experience.

The system is run by a Globalist mafia who only call themselves Democrats and Republicans, with a wink.

Everyone you thought wasn’t a RINO, nine times out of ten turns out to be one. Haven’t you noticed the pattern. The popularity contests that are elections will NEVER work when the Globalist media can easily make up a FAKE scandal two weeks before the election, and influence the average sheep. See Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh for recent examples of this tactic”.

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