Michelle Malkin Interview @ CPAC: “Cheap labor pipelines are harming Americans”


Fantastic interview by @FaithGoldy with @michellemalkin at CPAC @michellemalkin on immigration: “We should be talking about all the ways these cheap labor pipelines are harming American citizens.”

Of course we should. Not only are most India Inc bodyshops illegal Unregistered Foreign Agents, not only are most of them and the US Chamber of Commerce engaging in illegal wage-fixing – a Federal crime, but under Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, it’s not even legal to admit them to the US for work at all if doing so harms any American worker.

Sorry India Incs + Chamber, but you are in violation of at least 3 Federal laws, including criminal ones.

Where is Trump and his “We are going to enforce all laws” DHS?

Nowhere to be found as usual.

What are Americans paying taxes for if gov’t won’t do its job?

Enforce all laws as promised, DHS. Start with Title 8 + FARA.

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