– Another Unregistered Foreign Agent Indian Mafia Organized Crime Syndicate

Cheap labor India Inc Organized Crime Syndicate organizations are cropping up lies flies.

Just look at the list of their immigration schemes along with AILA help and the “need for lobbying”. Foreign powers controlling our gov’t.

“General agreement on a common platform and on the following four points:

  • Formulate common priniciples and guidelines
  • Immediately raise money to fund the organization
  • Necessity of long term lobbying

These groups push DC to change our immigration laws to allow more cheap labor foreign invasion from India on H-1B and other work visas.

Why are foreign political organizations even allowed to lobby and influence our gov’t in the US. These groups are in violation of several federal laws:

Yet they all operate with impunity in our country, and for the most part are dictating our immigration laws.

ALL these groups from the Indian Mafia need to be shut down now.

At the very least we need investigations.

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