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The parasite Y2K visa overstayer looters and their fat H4 software test job robbing wives are now trying to petitition the US gov’t to reverse its H4 removal policy.

Just how temporary is temporary?

Just whose gov’t is this?

Indian Mafia non-immigrants act like they own the US and can dictate what the US gov’t does while American citizens no longer have any say in their own gov’t.

H-1B, H4, L-1 and any other guest or student workers have zero rights in the US and have zero legitimacy to petition and influence our gov’t.

Gov’t is supposed to represent American citizens, not foreign guests.

What a joke.

Well you did enter as a temporary guest. Are you confused about the meaning of temporary and do you think H-1B and H4 visas are open borders permanent immigration visas?

You’re getting punished for non-performance. You’re not creating jobs, not keeping the US econ going, not reducing the US debt, not creating new companies and technologies. You failed to deliver, so you’re fired. Your husbands are too.

Imagine a world where you work 85 hours a week for 20 years only to have your job, industry, company, and country stolen from you by lazy fat conmen from a 3rd world country that cannot build enough toilets.

That is the reality for American tech workers in the US today.

And you’re not qualified, skilled or PhDs. Most of you are faking frauds with fake degrees and fraud visas who got in illegally and cheated your way through school.

Asia’s rampant cheating problem

Determined to get into U.S. colleges, more and more students turn to fake transcripts, essays and SAT scores

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