WSJ: Wages, Productivity Jump in Donald Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Economy – Breitbart

You know when a far left rag like WSJ admits globalists were wrong, they’re really wrong.

In just a few years of “Hire American” policy both wages and productivity jumped in America. Looks like H-1B shill Vivek “Phone Survey” Wadhwa was wrong all along. Foreign workers are not better for America, importing millions of 3rd world workers didn’t increase productivity, and American workers really are the best in the world.

It’s very simple: hire your own people and pay them more, and everyone wins. Hire cheap foreign labor who remits + doesn’t buy your products and everyone loses. Paying native workers more means more profits for companies, it’s that simple.

Globalist shill Wadhwa was totally wrong, as was Tom Freidman.

All that “Outflow of talent” Wadhwa keeps talking about has made the US boom.

Sorry Fraudhwa, it is time for you to go.

No wonder he was death-threated by several groups.

President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” economic policy is forcing companies to pay higher wages and also buy the labor-saving machinery which allows Americans to produce more value in less time.

Trump’s “Hire American” success-on-success was spotlighted March 1 by the Wall Street Journal:

Surging demand for its products has sent Republic Wire Inc. on a hiring spree in West Chester, Ohio. The producer of copper and aluminum wiring has boosted its team by 50% over five years to 140 people. The company has automated work where it can. Machines now box and label wire, and add the packages to shipping pallets—work that previously required up to nine staffers—freeing employees for higher-value tasks.

Any inflow of foreign workers — whether they are legal or illegal, whether they are permanent immigrants or temporary H-1B visa workers– cuts jobs, wages, and salaries for Americans, and also transfers the lost wages to CEOs and investors.

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