Arrest Rashid Premji Now

The next time unregistered foreign agent Rashid Premji sets foot in America, he should be arrested.

He’s an unregistered foreign agent of India and that’a a violation of FARA laws.

His goal is to convince the US gov’t that violating Title 8 of US law is ok, just because more Indian job robbers need to come to the US and steal jobs.

That’s also a violation of US law (Title 8) if doing so harms an American’s wages or working conditions (subsection 5).

The instant this conman from India sets foot in USA, he should be arrested and deported by DHS immediately.

His father, who committed criminal defamation of US tech workers by going on MSNBC and saying “America does not have the talentshould also be arrested.

Defamation – making false statements about someone – is a crime under US law.

“When asked about the H1B visas and the Trump administration’s increased scrutiny over the temporary work visas most sought by Indian IT workers, Premji said that “fundamentally from a trade perspective, we have got to address more holistically the mobility of services as we address the mobility of products, which we have historically thought about in terms of trade. The mobility of services is as important a component.”

We think he means mobility of job robbers and industrial thieves from the criminal nation of India.

Too bad mobility of people into the US is totally illegal under US law if doing so harms an American worker’s wages or working conditions.

Premji better go read US law instead of subverting it. If he continues to push for subverting US law, he should be arrested under FARA next time he is in the US.

And if we’re going to have “mobility of services”, then India must open its borders to US tech workers as well.

After all, globalization, free movement of goods and people.

Isn’t that right Rashid?


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