We are not importing the best + the brightest. We are importing millions of criminal grifters from Asia who are using our visa systems to loot our economy.

From an informant:


Dubious IT Consulting Jobs in USA.

FAKE UNIVERSITIES, FAKE resume, Fake Interviews, Fake Indian IT companies, Fake Hiring managers creates FAKE JOBS! Here are some samples from my followers who includes GC holders, Americans and some Indian US citizens (I call them as FAKE patriots).

WES (World Education Services) is an international organization that evaluates a student’s college certificates to check if they’re authentic or not. Many colleges had checked his certificates through WES, when he was applying to US colleges. But it looks like the current Indian students from India are able to fool this organization as well. WES and EP reports where they convert fake certificates to genuine credentials report and based on that USA, Canada issue I-20 to Indians especially from Southern parts of India. Many used this route to get into USA and study in 3rd grade UNIV.

Example: http://facts.ibcindia.co.in/index.php/8-facts-home/392-bundelkhand-university-in-uttar-pradesh-hi-mark-educational-institution-fake

There are hundreds of fake universities in India and students enrolled opting directly to FAKE UNIV in USA. Once H-1B picked up, they do jobs through proxy/felony and if not also, they do those IT jobs. Proxy Groups are Operating it by Recruiters from BODYSHOPS ONLY. FAKE BTECH students in 1990s arrived to USA during MAINFRAME ERA started this FAKE CULTURE in USA and eventually they get Green Cards, started BODYSHOPS to accommodate all the junk/fake/filing h1bs by charging $10,000 from applicants etc. They are acting as CEOs of Indian Incs on LINKEDIN but someone operates it. 90% of such CEOs are FAKE CEOs and FAKE PROFILES. They are interconnected and doing this fraud uninterruptedly from 1990-current“.

Even Senator Rand Paul is on on the massive Green Card RHC fraud.

The Indian Mafia now controls our gov’t.

This is a huge scandal.

RHC asks Rand Paul how to get their point across. Just shows GOP is just as big a sellout as Democrats are.

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