India, the world’s software development genius hub imports most of its software

Meanwhile with its faking fraud “services” industry it sucks $168 billion out of the US annually while producing mostly failed projects.

What a looting racket.

“The Cabinet Thursday approved a national policy on software products that aims to position India as a hub for software products development and creating 65 lakh jobs by 2025. “India’s IT revenue is USD 168 billion but most of it is services. Software product component is less, it is just USD 7.1 billion. Most of the software products are imported“.

Why does the sooper-dooper software genius center of the world the US can’t do without have to import software at all? Hmmm?

These people are here to con us and remite dollars back home.

India is no more a “software hub” than your cat is.

Delusions of grandieur is an understatement.

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