Indian American professor sued by U of Missouri for stealing student’s research

Well what don’t they steal? India is a criminal thief nation.

Taking credit for others’ work? Indians? Nah, couldn’t be……

“Ashim Mitra allegedly made millions by selling an Indian American graduate student’s research.

Professor Ashim Mitra, who taught at University of Missouri-Kansas City, is accused of stealing and selling his graduate student’s research work.

The University of Missouri has filed a lawsuit against the professor, who has since then resigned. According to the lawsuit, Mitra swiped a path-breaking drug formulation from a student. He did not only made $1.5 million by selling it but also stood to gain as much as $10 million in royalties.

Mitra’s wife, who worked in his lab, and two other pharmaceutical companies are also named in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Mitra secretly worked with the companies to develop a patent. The pharmaceutical product, which recently received FDA approval, is used to treat dry eye, a condition common in elderly.

The lawsuit seeks to designate Kishore Cholkar as the rightful owner of the patent, based on the research he conducted in 2010.

According to the university, the school is the rightful owner of the work and Mitra, by taking the credit himself, has defrauded the university”.

No doubt his wife got into the US on an H4 “spousal visa” – which the Trump admin. is not rightfully moving to end. This is why – they are almost all looting frauds.

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