India’s Failureshop Wipro Hypes Up ‘3rd Gen Delivery’

Too bad they couldn’t get the 1st + 2nd gen right.

“Q How is the world of digital services changing?
We have started to look at our next-gen delivery. This is Wipro’s ‘generation three’ delivery (of services). In general, the first two generations of capabilities that India’s largest software services providers acquired were about demonstrating to their customers their ability for delivering high standards of quality from centres in India“.

Oh really?

Wipro pays $75 million to settle lawsuit with National Grid US

Yep. High standards of quality.

The looting India Inc. machine rolls on – sucking billions out of the US economy while delivering mostly failure.

No wonder the US economy has problems.

Looks like it is India that does not have the talent.

Isn’t that right Mr. Premji?

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