Is The President About to Abandon American Workers?

What do they mean ‘about to‘?

He did a long time ago.

“Labor is usually the biggest cost to any company. If you cut labor costs, you increase profits, making both stockholders and creditors happy. So, American companies love anyone who is willing to perform competent work for entry-level wages. The easiest way to recruit low-cost workers is through immigration programs.

The primary interest of foreign workers is getting to, and remaining in, the United States. If an Indian or Chinese tech worker can get an H-1B visa, he/she has a pathway to a green card and U.S. citizenship. Substandard wages are a small price to pay for that opportunity, so most foreign workers will gladly accept jobs at the low end of the pay-scale. It’s simply the price of admission to the U.S.

This is a dangerous mix. It leaves American workers sandwiched between two powerful lobbies, both driven by the desire for a return on their investments: U.S. companies addicted to cheap foreign labor and foreign workers eager to access the largest, most stable economy in the world.

So, who’s watching out for the American’s who want to make our nation great by driving its economy?”

Well, for one, US law is. Namely Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aleins, Subsection 5, which makes most of the above totally illegal.

In fact, under that law it is illegal to even admit ANY foreign worker to the US if doing so harms a US worker’s wages.

There are also federal laws against wage-fixing, but as the above article shows, that is exactly what all these lawless CEOs are engaing in. Even Tim Cook of Apple is doing it.

As for lowering costs, it also drives US Federal debt and deficits through the roof as L-1 visa holders pay no income taxes, and foreign workers remit most of their $ out of the country.

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