Nasscom hires US lobbyist for H-1B issue

India Mafia Organized Crime Syndicates such as failure shop Wipro manipulate the US gov’t by hiring US lobbyists. So does Indian IT lobby group NASSCOM.

Foreign control of our gov’t.

Why is this even allowed?

We need to outlaw all foreign lobbying now.

Has Wipro, its agents, and Rishad Premji registered as foreign agents with the US gov’t yet? If not, they’re in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Why haven’t they been arrested yet?

Are you asleep as the switch as usual DHS?


“There is a huge effort by Nasscom to change that perception”.

Foreign manipulation.

The US gov’t is supposed to represent the American people, not foreign powers.

“Business transformation” is really just a codeword for job robbery and industral theft.

Rashid Premji should be arrested for FARA violations next time he sets foot in the US.

Spencer Abraham should also be investigated since he too is now an unregistered foreign agent.

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