‘The software industry in India needs to reinvent itself’

The India “software product” hype continues to roll on 20 years later.

The geniuses are still talking about making software products, but even with $10 trillion in stolen American hightech wages, millions of stolen US IT jobs, and 20 years of free H-1B training, they still can’t pull it off.

Talk is cheap as they say. India’s “software industry” is really just a remittance racket.

They never produce any products that work.


“How can the industry brace against this impact?
The industry needs to re-invent itself. It needs to re-focus its efforts to lead innovation rather than remain a cost centre. India has the talent to perform this transformation. The industry needs to invest in research to develop products and automate the outsourcing businesses themselves to remain competitive in the world market”.

Funny but we’ve been hearing about how India ‘has the talent’ for 20 years now. Hasn’t happened yet.

And it’s not going to.

Lawsuits are flying everywhere against Indian outsourcing, even for fraud.

Sorry India, the jig is up.

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