US Budget Deficit Soars 77% As Federal Interest Expense Hits Record High

If millions of foreign workers are “contributing to the US economy”, as claimed then why is the US budget deficit soaring?

With so many foreign super-geniuses now in the US working like mad to help keep the US economy going, the Federal deficit should be shrinking.

But the opposite is happening.

The truth is foreign workers are a form of International Socialism on America and as with all socialist nations, the economic destruction has to be covered by debt spending. The tax base is collapsing because Americans are being kept out of the workforce.

In 1998 the US had a massive tax surplus.

The real reason for the deficit is simple: American workers earn and spend in America, foreign workers come here to work and remit dollars.

According to 2003 Congressional testimony by Diane Feinstein, L-1 visa workers, which Indian Mafia organized crime syndicates import by the millions pay no income taxes.

That is the real reason for the budget shortfall. That and their 16 cousins, aunts, uncles, and family all coming in with them and getting on welfare.

Taxpaying American workers have been pushed out of the workforce, non-taxpaying foreign workers have been brought in.

Oh yes you are.

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